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Unmatched Management Capabilities

Client Communications

Regular conferences are initiated with ownership representatives to confirm project goals and provide continuous updates on all aspects of property activity, including tenant issues, physical asset, marketing, leasing, and vendors.

Financial Reporting

Customized financial reporting, tailored to meet each client's specific needs.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Determine opening balances

  • Establish appropriate banking relations

  • Review accounts receivables and accounts payables

  • Review tenant escalations and step-ups

  • Review charges for tenant services

  • Obtain relevant information about security deposits

  • Verify rents and any other pertinent information

  • Status of all taxes

  • Update tenant information

  • Develop list of vacancies

Construction and Design Management

UMC can provide project supervision for all capital or tenant improvement projects including:

  • Coordinate and supervise working drawins with project architects

  • Oversee all construction bids

  • Communicate with general contractor through construction of tenant and/or building improvements

  • Manage construction completion through final details (i.e. punchlist items)

  • Handle construction expenditures, including review of bank draw requests and lien waivers

Insurance Tracking and Monitoring

  • Tracking all tenant and vendor insurance certificates to manage the client's risk

  • Manage policies to ensure compliance with current leases/contracts

Promotional Activity and Marketing

Services include the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan for each property in accordance with ownership objectives and related budgets.

Tenant Relations

UMC Real Estate Services will develop a comprehensive Tenant Services Review (TSR) that includes the following:​

  • Meetings with each tenant to review any immediate concerns

  • Distribute and analyze tenant questionnaires

  • Prepare and deliver rent statements accompanied by letter of introduction

  • Determine any needs for special billing arrangements

  • Prepare and maintain a tenant handbook

  • Obtain copies of relevant standard lease form

Transition Plan

UMC Real Estate Services will provide a seamless transition in transitioning properties and the operations of the properties. We view the transition to be critical for long-term success of the real estate asset. We want tenants to be aware of and perceive a positive change with no disruption to their operations. Our objectives during the transition are as follows:

  • Assume management responsibilities in an efficient and orderly manner so that basic tenant services are properly maintained and the flow of information to ownership is uninterrupted

  • Review and abstract all leases to ensure maximum collections

  • Complete a comprehensive evaluation of existing operations, including records, information systems, and contracted services

  • Create a short-range operating plan for the property

  • dinate tenant improvements so each tenant is guaranteed a smooth transition in occupying the premises

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